Our restaurant offers local cuisine meals in it`s best taste.

Irshad restaurant is open for his customers 24/7 and ready to greet guests warmly and serve for them delicious food. Irshad Restaurant located on 1st floor of the hotel in spite of offering breakfast also works as “a la carte” menu restaurant. Here  you can find most tasteful dishes of local cuisine which attract not only hotel people but also everybody who lives around.

As we mentioned our restaurant is mainly focused on serving local cuisine`s food but we never say no to guests who orders salads, sandwiches or pizzas!  You can also taste alcoholic beverages including cocktails or you just can drink our national Azeri tea in our special tea glasses-“Armudi” glass and it ll will be with view on Park which will make it all more tasteful!

Stayers of the hotel will be guests of our complimentary buffet table on morning times which will be filled with various selections of foods.


Our menus


Lentil Soup3.00AZN
Yarpaq Xenqel4.00AZN
”Tike” Kebab5.00AZN
“Hind Qushu” Kebab6.00AZN


Tea Cup1.00AZN
Tea Set10.00AZN
Still/Sparkling Water2.00AZN
Wine Glass5.00AZN
Vodka shot2.00AZN
Cognac 50 ml6.00AZN
Whiskey 50 ml4.00AZN